Photo & Video

Home Video #2: Longest Day of the Year

Tucked up underneath Nina Frenkel‘s farm print, here’s our crack at “Longest Day of the Year”.

Home Video #1: Ghosts Of This Town

Erika and Steve’s homespun, lo-fi performance of a track from Little Silver’s upcoming debut LP Somewhere You Found My Name.

Mission Studio

Mission Studios, Brooklyn, NY. March 2014. Photos by Patrick McNulty.

“Stolen Souvenir” video by Peter Hamlin & Nina Frenkel

Peter Hamlin and Nina Frenkel took this song on a dreamy, animated ramble, and we’re totally dumbstruck and thrilled with what they came up with. Load the video fullscreen and give it a look… We also gave this little interview to IFC on the making of video for its premiere on their site. [and, hey, update: Nina and Peter won a 2012 International Motion Arts Award for this flick! Pretty serious stuff…]

Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn NY | February 2013

Secret Sound Shop – Basement Tapes

Our buddies from Secret Sound Shop spent some time with us in a dim and echoey basement a few months back, and they wrote this good post as record of the event. We served up renditions of Sleep til Morning and Food From the Cow, all amidst some real basement flotsam.

Texan Thanksgiving

We were in Austin and environs for the Thanksgiving holiday this year — seeing family, playing a few shows, and washing ourselves in wond’rous Texan goodness. Here are a few photos from the trip. Special thanks to Bruce Curtis and Kristen Warnick for keeping the camera shutters clickin’ while were there.

West Coast Tour 2012

“Longest Day of the Year” — Sycamore, Brooklyn, NY

We totally had a ball at the “Dress Up” record release show – lots of good people and one of our favorite li’l venues in town. We had intended to post a clip of “Pictures of You”, from the new album, but that song pretty much blew up in our faces, to much bewilderment and awe among all assembled. At least that’s how we recall it. In any case, here’s a more tame capture of a brand new song of ours.

“That’s a nice ring.”

After a little bit of eavesdropping at the beginning here, this video settles into a pretty good capture of one of our newest songs, called “The Slowing and the Start”. We debuted this song on our spring dates this year, and this recording is from NYC’s Rockwood Music Hall on 4/15/11. Take a listen…