Photo & Video

Rockwood Music Hall (maunet photos)

Photos taken by Mauricio Carey ( at our 4/15/11 show in NYC.

Tin Angel

Photos taken by John Hayes at our 4/9/11 show in Philadelphia. That other strapping fellow on stage with us is our good friend Kai Schafft, of the inimitable Chicken Tractor.

“Where We Met” video by Jim Collier

We celebrated the release of our debut record with this video from the wond’rous Jim Collier. Jim’s worked with both of us in the past (he did this for Hem and this for the Sprinkle Genies), and he drove with us from Windsor Terrace to Coney Island one hot summer day.

Peter Rad Photoshoot – April 2010

Last spring our friend Peter Rad took these photos in Brooklyn. A few hours later we packed ourselves into a car and literally drove through the night to make it to Louisville’s WFPK and Motherlodge Festival.  Unfortunately we didn’t make the trip in that pink car. We have no idea whose car that is, but thank you.

Very late-night, low-budget photoshoot

Late one night after rehearsal we realized we didn’t have any photos of David and Ray on the site. So bleary-eyed and knock-kneed, we stuck a camera on a chair and remedied this. Ray Rizzo plays drums; he’s wearing stripey pants. David Tarica plays bass and keys; he’s not. They’re the best.